Each semester, we host seminars so our students can learn about research happening right here at Providence College and beyond. Check back for upcoming seminars!

Past seminars (selected)

To Die or Not to Die: The Genetics of Programmed Cell Death in Yeast
Fr. Nic Austriaco O. P. (Providence College)

Assessing Water Quality in Streams using Biological Indicators
Dr. Anne Kuhn (U.S. E.P.A.)

Effects of Early Life Stress on Glutamate Receptor Development: Primed for Anxiety?
Dr. Heather Brenhouse (Northeastern University)

Life & Death Decisions in Yeast via Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms
Dr. Marc Meneghini (University of Toronto)
Hosted by the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

Gotta Stay Fly: Metabolic Reprogramming in Development and Disease
Dr. Marla Tipping (Providence College)

Living a salty and fresh(water) life: molecular & ecological adaptations in the anadromous alewife
Dr. Jonathan Velotta (University of Montana)

The origin of insect metamorphosis
Dr. Yui Suzuki (Wellesley College)

Functional analyses of the RNA chaperone Hfq in the metal-reducing bacterium Shewanella oneidensis
Dr. Brett Pellock (Providence College)

Genetic Diversity Rules! How neutral loci can reveal evolutionary history, predict the future, and save the planet!
Dr. Jeff Markert (Providence College)

Where the girls are: plant sexuality and the puzzle of high female hotspots
Dr. Maia Bailey (Providence College)