Biology students present summer research

On Friday, July 29, 150+ undergraduates from across the state of RI presented their research at the RI Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium (RI-SURS), hosted by RI-INBRE, RI C-AIM, and URI MARC U*STAR. Providence College representation was strong with 19 student presenters from 3 departments (Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and Biochemistry). Congratulations to our students for a job well done!

Thank you to the folk in the School of Arts & Sciences, Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance, and the Center for Engaged Learning for supporting our students and visiting their posters!

Bonoan Lab Breelyn Gilbert (BIO/PSY ’24) presents her work, “Assessment of population size, survival, and movement behavior of the rare frosted elfin butterfly,” to Dr. Joan Branham, Interim Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences.
Pellock Lab Callie Raacke (BIO/PSC ’25), Kristina Cunliffe (BIO/SOC ’23), and Janelie Ordonez (RWU) with their poster “Isolation and identification of manganese-reducing and oxidizing bacteria from Rhode Island wetland soils.”
Silvestrini Lab Briana Nuay (BIO ’24) and Dr. Melissa Silvestrini their poster “TMBI-4 is a conserved transmembrane protein and potential regulator of cell death in C. elegans.”

Markert Lab Grace Foltz (BIO/WGS ’24) and Matt Rock (ENVB ’24) present their work, “Alternative technologies for assessing fish populations using environmental DNA,” to RI-SURS attendees and Provost Sean Reid.

Templer Lab Christopher Walsh (BIO/PSY ’23), Jose Pena (BIO/PSY ’25), and Rachel Layden (PSY ’23) with their poster “Is the posterior parietal cortex necessary for response renewal in novel and familiar contexts?”

Tipping Lab Arianna Libby (BIO ’23), Madeline O’Connor (BIO ’23), Jacob Conway (BIO ’24), Ana Peñagarícano (BIO ’24), Saira Gonzalez (Central Falls High School), and Dr. Marla Tipping with their poster “Lipid metabolism dysregulation in FTD affected Drosophila.”

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