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Most of our faculty are currently engaged in undergraduate research and provide opportunities for students to do independent research projects in their lab.

Research projects are available in, but not limited to:

  • molecular and evolutionary biology (Dr. Arévalo)
  • molecular microbiology (Dr. Pellock)
  • cancer cell metabolism (Dr. Tipping)
  • stem cell biology and molecular genetics (Dr. Toth)
  • cancer cell signaling (Dr. Wan)
  • molecular evolution of bacterial genomes (Dr. Williams)
  • biological imaging and neurobiology (Dr. DeGiorgis)
  • comparative vertebrate anatomy and biomechanics (Dr. Baier)
  • comparative physiology and metabolism (Dr. Waters)
  • ecology (Dr. Ewanchuk)
  • evolution, population and conservation biology (Dr. Markert)
  • insect pollinator ecology (Dr. Bonoan)

Other research opportunities exist in biochemistry, chemistry, and psychology.

Get involved!

There are many ways to get involved with research both on and off campus, they all start with getting in touch with a faculty member you’re interested in working with! Opportunities for doing research on campus include:

Research for credit: Students are offered 3-credit research courses that allow them to work closely with a faculty member on a project of interest. Students can do research for credit for four semesters however, only three research credits (i.e., one semester) counts as a Biology elective. If a student chooses an off-campus experience, the student must consult with the Department Chair prior to the onset of the off-campus research experience.

Providence College Undergraduate Research Grants Program: Each year, the Center for Engaged Learning, announces a competitive grants program to support undergraduate scholarly research, creative and/or artistic work during the academic year. Individual awards are expected to be up to $500, although funding may be granted up to a maximum of $1,000 in exceptional circumstances and when funds are available. Group awards are expected to range from $500 – $2500, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Walsh Summer Research Fellowships: Through the generosity of chemistry alumnus Robert H. Walsh ’39, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry majors have the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty member in the summer. These 10-week paid fellowships come with a $4,600 stipend and $1,000 to cover research‐related expenses.

Providence College Summer Undergraduate Research Program: The PC Undergraduate Research Committee’s Summer Undergraduate Research Grant program provides funding for stipends and research expenses in order for students to conduct research and creative projects on- or off-campus for up to 10 weeks during the summer under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students awarded a PC‐URC Summer Undergraduate Research Grant receive a $4,600 stipend and up to $500 for research‐related expenses.

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