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BIO 450: Internship

This 3-credit elective offers junior or senior biology majors the opportunity to independently explore practical applications of biological principles in the work place. Students must prepare a proposal, select and obtain approval from a site supervisor, and get approval from the department chair and faculty internship advisor prior to registration for the internship course. An Internship Learning Agreement that specifies the practical and academic requirements must be reached by the aforementioned before the start of the internship semester. Minimally, students are expected to spend 8-12 hours per week at the internship site, maintain a journal documenting internship activities, and complete a paper that integrates their academic and experiential learning. Students are encouraged, but not obligated, to give a presentation at the completion of the internship. Compensation is allowed if stated as part of the Learning Agreement. Pass/Fail basis only.


  • The internship is designed to provide students the opportunity to:
  • Explore biology related career opportunities
  • Receive training and supervision in these career related activities
  • Examine the relationship between the study of biological sciences as an academic pursuit and the application of biological scholarship to the solution of biological problem


The student must be a junior or senior biology major in good academic standing.


Upon completion of the internship, the student will be awarded three credits, Pass/Fail. The three credits may count toward the Biology electives as long as any other internship OR research credits have not already be used as biology electives, i.e., only 3 credits of internship or research count toward the biology program.

For more information, please visit the PC Career Education Center website for internships. All students participating in academic year, credit-bearing internships are required to complete and submit the Learning Agreement for Internships and Field Experiences. The Learning Agreement offers a description of the internship and outlines responsibilities and requirements. You will complete this form in consultation with your Faculty and Site Supervisors. The deadline for submitting the completed Agreement is the 3rd Friday of the semester in which you are doing the academic internship.