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The faculty of the Department of Biology are first and foremost scientists — scientists that teach. All of our faculty are currently engaged in undergraduate research and provide opportunities for students to do independent research projects in their laboratories. A student interested in doing extracurricular research should consult with the faculty they wish to supervise the project. Research projects are available in molecular and evolutionary biology (Ar√©valo), molecular microbiology and genetics (Austriaco), comparative vertebrate anatomy and biomechanics (Baier), plant molecular evolution (Bailey), marine biology and comparative biomechanics (Costello), biological imaging and neurobiology (DeGiorgis), ecology (Ewanchuk), evolution, population and conservation biology (Markert), molecular microbiology (Pellock), freshwater ecology and evolution (Richardson), cancer cell metabolism (Tipping), stem cell biology and molecular genetics (Toth), cancer cell signaling (Wan), and molecular evolution of bacterial genomes (Williams). Other research opportunities exist in biochemistry, chemistry, and psychology.

Students may also receive credit for research performed at other colleges, universities, field schools and commercial research laboratories. If a student chooses an off-campus experience, the student must consult with the departmental chairman prior to the onset of the off-campus research experience.

The three credits of research may count toward the Biology electives as long as any other research have not already be used as the two biology electives for three credits, i.e., only three credits of research count toward the biology program.

For more information on the research experience at PC and the requirements for the program, please review the Research Experience at Providence College protocol.