John Costello


Contact Information:


Albertus Magnus Hall 310


Ph.D. - Marine Biology; University of Southern California

Area(s) of Expertise:

Marine Biology, Jellyfish, Environmental Biology, Invertebrate zoology

Selected Publications:

Gemmell, B. Colin, S. Costello, J. (2018) Widespread utilization of passive energy recapture in swimming medusae.. The Journal of experimental biology.(221),

Gemmell, B. Fogerson, S. Costello, J. Morgan, J. Dabiri, J. Colin, S. (2016) How the bending kinematics of swimming lampreys build negative pressure fields for suction thrust.. The Journal of experimental biology.(219), 3884-3895.

Gemmell, B. Colin, S. Costello, J. Dabiri, J. (2015) Suction-based propulsion as a basis for efficient animal swimming.. Nature communications.(6), 8790.

Costello, J. Colin, S. Gemmell, B. Dabiri, J. Sutherland, K. (2015) Multi-jet propulsion organized by clonal development in a colonial siphonophore.. Nature communications.(6), 8158.

Lucas, K. Johnson, N. Beaulieu, W. Cathcart, E. Tirrell, G. Colin, S. Gemmell, B. Dabiri, J. Costello, J. (2014) Bending rules for animal propulsion.. Nature communications.(5), 3293.