Yinsheng Wan


Contact Information:



Albertus Magnus Hall 318C


Ph.D. - Biochemistry; University of Southwest Louisiana

Area(s) of Expertise:

Effects of ultraviolet (UV) Radiation on Skin Aging and Skin Cancer

Selected Presentations:

Wan, Y. Chinese Society of Dermatology. , Hangzhou, China - "Paper: Novel approaches to vitiligo treatment via modulation of mTOR and NFkB pathways in human skin melanocytes" June, 2014

Wan, Y. American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. , San Diego, CA - "Posters: Activation of Survival Signals in Melanoma Cells in Response to Glucose; Translocation of catalase and SODs protects from doxorubicin-induced nuclear damage in cultured human ovarian cancer cells; Constituitive mTORC1 activation up-regulates Catalase and SODs in melanoma cells" April, 2014

Wan, Y. American Academy of Dermatology. , Denver, CO - "Invited Speaker " March, 2014

Wan, Y. Chinese Society of Dermatology. , Chengdu, China - "Vimentin Protects Against Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Induced by Arsenite in Human Skin Melanoma Cells" June, 2013

Wan, Y. American Association for Cancer Research. , Washington, DC - "Human Melanoma Cells Resist Oxidative Stress Due to Overactive MEK/ERK and AKT/mTOR Pathways and Overproduction of Melanin" April, 2013