James Waters

Associate Professor

Contact Information:



Albertus Magnus Hall 135


Postdoctoral Research - Princeton University

Ph.D. - Biology, Arizona State University

Area(s) of Expertise:

The collective behavior, comparative physiology, and natural history of ants.

Selected Publications:

Neville, K. Bosse, T. Klekos, M. Mills, J. Weicksel, S. Waters, J. M, T. (2018) A novel ex vivo method for measuring whole brain metabolism in model systems.. Journal of Neuroscience Methods.(296), 32-43.

Waters, J. Ochs, A. Fewell, J. Harrison, J. (2017) Differentiating causality and correlation in allometric scaling: ant colony size drives metabolic hypometry.. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences .(284), 20162582.

Harrison, J. Klok, C. Waters, J. (2014) Critical PO2 is size-independent in insects: implications for the metabolic theory of ecology. Current Opinion in Insect Science.(4), 54-59.

Waters, J. (2014) Theoretical and empirical perspectives on the scaling of supply and demand in social insect colonies. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata.(150), 99-112.

Waters, J. Holbrook, C. Fewell, J. Harrison, J. (2010) Allometric Scaling of Metabolism, Growth, and Activity in Whole Colonies of the Seed-Harvester Ant Pogonomyrmex californicus.. The American Naturalist.(176), 501-510.

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